Wednesday, February 25

Process memo- Profile Story

Interviewing Mike Parker, the voice of the Beavers, was an interesting choice for me. I had no idea what my focus would be, and so devised a plan to ask as many questions as possibly and see where that got me. I came to the conclusion, by the end of the interview that “living the dream” would be a focus I could springboard off of. I could use this as an inspirational piece for college students who are facing their futures in the here and now.
Talking with Mike on the phone was easy and he was willing to help in whatever way necessary for me to get my story. Having an existing relationship with his family made this easier, I am sure, but he is a rather accommodating, interested person all around. I was able to set up a meeting in Gill the morning of the OSU/Cal game during the basketball teams’ morning “shoot around.”
This way I could see him in his work environment, and he had no trouble discussing his daily game-day routine. Later, we went to a coffee shop he frequents and I was able to find out specific information I had an interest in knowing based questions I had previously developed, as well as new insight that came up while we were talking. After about a 1½ hour conversation, we went to his house and I was able to see his family.
Their interaction this particular day was interesting because while it was his daughters’ weekend and chance to relax from school, it was a workday for him. We all visited, watched some funny videos on, and as I was about to leave, Mike asked if I were going to the game. I hadn’t planned on it, but after seeing behind-the-scenes action and hearing interviews with the coaches and players, I wanted the chance to finish gathering my story information.
He was able to get me a press pass into the game, which included a court side seat right behind Mike and the rest of the sportscasters we all know and love.

Wednesday, February 4

Process memo- Speech Article writing

I thoroughly enjoyed this project, as difficult as it was. From the beginning I was feeling pressured by this article, but I believe that was simply due to the length requirement. I have a hard time fulfilling even the minimum sometimes and feared I would not have enough to write.
My notes were very thorough and assisted in my writing, however it was difficult to remember the context of each mark I had made. I did my best to record entire quotes, there were many quality things Winston Wilkinson said, but it was hard to do while still listening as he continued.
Audience members were interesting to watch. Their facial reactions were not always what I would have expected based off what he was saying, but it was difficult to pinpoint exact terminology as I wrote. Listening, writing, and observing at once, while trying to be accurate- specifically in information and quoting- was a challenge I definitely faced.
While actually writing the article, I found it helpful to have done my research prior to the speech. The background information aided in my overall understanding of what he was discussing during the evening.
If you wouldn’t mind focusing on the layout and order of my writing, that would be helpful. I did my best to not write in chronological order from my notes or his speech, but this made me question the “flow” of the article I wrote. Thanks!